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What sets us apart from the rest?

Vanilla Payroll offers not only a superior software product, but also services that go beyond payroll. Combine this with a focus on customer service, and you will experience a full package deal that will catapult your business operations to the next level.


· SARS Compliant
· Members of the Payroll Authors Group


· PAYE · SDL · UIF · EMP201
· EMP501 · Workmans Compensation
· Monthly Payroll Reporting

With free software support included in the purchase price, which caters to all sizes of businesses – you would find yourself hard pressed to match this offer. Furthermore, you can tailor make your package to suit your budget, while our value for money and affordability will secure our relationship for years to come.

Our software is simple to install, with a user-friendly interface, allowing your payroll to run quickly, easily and accurately.

Every decision is made to ensure the customer always comes first, from the one-on-one service to the constant improvement of every feature in the software system. There is even an option for the team at Vanilla Payroll to take over your payroll tasks for a month or two, should your payroll administrator be unable to work.

Our system is designed to reduce your working time and margin of error – with it’s built-in intelligence Vanilla Payroll will work for you. The set up of employee details includes easy access to all the relevant information including rates of pay and gross year-to-date figures. Say good-bye to missed deadlines, and inaccurate payroll calculations – your monthly and year-end tasks will now be simple and effortless. Vanilla Payroll is continuously being updated and falls in line with all regulatory bodies, keeps up-to-date with government legislation and is compliant with SARS.

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SARS Compliant

User-friendly software

Knowledgeable support staff


Simple to install 

Designed for all business types

Set up your employee profiles and let Vanilla Payroll work for you. It will calculate all the necessary payroll calculations which means you will not have to use the book of tax tables, reducing your margin of error.

It also allows you to complete year-end procedures in conjunction with SARS E@syFile saving you countless hours that it would take to manually capture IRP5’s onto SARS E@syFile. It is software with built in intelligence so that you don’t have to know the rules and is fully SARS compliant!

Other Services


We offer comprehensive training on our software with: Online training, one-on-one sessions, small group sessions. Contact us to find out more.


Streamline your work load and allow the team at Vanilla Payroll to administer and monitor your payroll – guaranteeing security and confidentiality.


Contact the Vanilla help desk during work hours and let our highly qualified, friendly staff assist you – no query is too small.

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