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Vanilla Payroll Bureau

Do you have the time to run your payroll in-house? If not, why not hand it over to our qualified staff who know the mechanics of payroll?

Our team will produce you a payroll which is SARS compliant, accurate and up-to-date with the latest legislation. For peace of mind hand it over to us! Confidentiality Guaranteed!

Training Facilities

Vanilla Payroll offers comprehensive training on our software, ensuring your payroll user knows all the options and laws related to Vanilla Payroll and the payroll environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

1: Why does the payday default to say a Thursday and how do we change this day?

The day that defaults as the payment date is based on the date of the start of the tax year. If you want to change this date, then you need to change the start of the tax year in the appropriate field. You have a leeway of 14 days to accommodate this.

2: What is the 'Creator Reference Number' in the 'Edit the Administrators' screen?

This reference number refers to the PAYE number or the IT3(a) number. This number could also refer to the Bureau’s number assigned.

3: If a payslip is added on a certain payment method and the payment method is then changed, why does the remuneration report still show the payment method as the initial method?

The reason for this is that the remuneration received was under Initial Payment Method. To rectify this it is necessary to rollback the last payslip and then to produce a new payslip under the new payment method.

4: Does a casual labourer have to pay UIF?

The act states that an employee working for more than 24 hours per month must contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

5: Why do the UIF & EMP201 reports show different totals when compared?

The totals that are shown reflect two different types of income. The UIF shows the earnings which qualify for UIF and the EMP201 shows the remuneration.

6: Can the taxable benefit for a Provident Fund be shown in Vanilla Payroll?

No, because there is no taxable benefit for a provident fund.

7: Do directors and members of a Close Corporation have to pay SDL?

Yes, as of the 1st March 2002, all directors must be registered to pay SDL.

8: Must overtime be included in the UIF calculation?

Yes, it must be included as of the 1st April 2002

9: Is it possible to administer sick leave in Vanilla Payroll if the employee is entitled to 30/36 days over a 36 month period?

Yes, it is possible to do this but it must be done manually. Once the employee becomes entitled to 30/36 days, then it must be captured in ‘Entitlement’. Once a record is taken then this amount will automatically decrease.

11: Does a sales rep. have to contribute towards Unemployment Insurance Fund?

Yes, all employees working more than 24hours per month must contribute.

12: If an employee has two employers, then the 2nd salary is only taxed at 25%. How is this handled in Vanilla Payroll?

Navigate to the employee’s tax method and select ‘part time’. This is taxed at 25%.