Welcome to Vanilla Payroll

Vanilla Payroll is your one-stop shop for simple payroll solutions. Our Payroll software will revolutionise your business by raising the standard of your payroll environment!

Vanilla Payroll will save you valuable time by allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Our software is SARS Compliant and up-to-date with the latest legislation. It is user-friendly software with built-in intelligence.

About Vanilla Payroll

Vanilla Payroll, previously known as FinSolve, is an established company which started in 1988 in Johannesburg by Errol Guard, who wrote the popular TaxPlanner software. The firm grew in leaps and bounds and developed payroll software as requested by clients. This branch of the company was managed by Caren Guard, Errol’s daughter, who has extensive payroll experience.

Vanilla Payroll is the rebranded, streamlined payroll operation, separated from the tax planning side of FinSolve, and with payroll training and a bureau to support its software.

Vanilla is a registered member of the Payroll Authors Group and SA Payroll Association, through which it is able to help clients be compliant with SARS and labour legislation through regular updates.

Our family of Vanilla resellers support clients nationally.

Our focus on superior service and customer intimacy puts us at the forefront of payroll. Our bureau and training capacity complete the payroll circle to give you peace of mind.


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